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Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Realtor

If you’re trying to find a realtor in Silicon Valley, it’s important to have a list of questions to ask before hiring them. You need to know if they’re up for the task of finding your dream home or selling the one you currently live in. 

When you work with me, Jamie Lennon, you’re more likely to close on the home of your dreams or sell your home at or above the asking-price. This is because I have the experience and determination to satisfy each and every one of my clients. Learn more about the questions you should ask during our initial consultation, and reach out today to schedule.

Can You Send Me a List of Referrals?

If your realtor doesn’t have a list of referrals with them during your initial consultation, ask if they can send them to you. When you’re trying to find a realtor in Silicon Valley, they should have a decent-sized list of buyers or sellers that were satisfied with their service.

How Long Have You Been a Real Estate Agent?

It’s okay to choose someone who is newer, but make sure their referrals are solid. You want to make sure you’re working with someone who has the experience you need to negotiate effectively, and has the resources to find you buyers or the type of home you’re looking for.

What’s Your Ratio of Buyers to Sellers that You Represent?

Depending on whether you’re buying or selling, you’ll probably want to find a realtor in Silicon Valley that has more experience with one or the other. This is because they’ll have a better network of buyers if they have more experience as a listing agent, or they’ll have more connections to different neighborhoods if they usually represent buyers. Either way, you want someone who can represent you effectively.

Will I Work with You or a Team?

Make sure you understand who you’ll be working with throughout the buying or selling process if you hire a specific real estate agent. Some realtors work independently while others rely on a team to help them take care of their clients. If you’re interested in working with just one agent, make sure to voice that during your consultation.

How Are Your Fees Set Up?

Make sure you understand how your realtor will be paid, and ask about any fees they charge on top of the commission. There shouldn’t be any surprises on prices — whether you’re buying or selling.

Find a Realtor in Silicon Valley Dedicated to You

Whether you’re looking for your forever home or selling your current property, find a realtor in Silicon Valley who keeps your best interests in mind. By asking these questions and more during your initial consultations with real estate agents, you’ll be able to quickly narrow down who has the most potential to address your needs.

Work with me, Jamie Lennon, and I’ll help you find a home or buyer that checks all of your boxes. Contact me today to schedule a consultation.

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