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2020 has been one whirlwind of a year so far. As things slowly get back to normal and the weather gets better, people are wondering how they can get outside and have fun while still remaining safe with social distancing. Here are some tips for how to enjoy your 2020 summer!

1. Go Fishing

Fishing is a great way to enjoy nature and bond with friends and family. You can go fishing in local fishing holes without too much fear of contact with other people. Find little-known places to reduce the risk of crowds and bring a mask just in case you do run into other people.

2. Go for a Hike

There are numerous hiking trails all over California that give you the opportunity to explore the beauty of the area in a way that is both fun and safe. Hiking is great for exercise, and you may even be able to see some cool landmarks. Some of the most popular trails around Silicon Valley include:
  • Montara Mountain
  • Angel Island 
  • Sweeney Ridge
  • Coyote Creek Parkway
  • Castle Rock Trail
  • Mission Peak

3. Go to the Drive-In

Most movie theaters are closed, and even the ones that will open have reduced seating and inherent risks. Instead of going to an indoor, enclosed theater, watch a movie at an old-fashioned drive-in. You won’t have to climb over other people in the seats around you since you can simply remain in your car. You’ll still get a fun experience, but it will be much safer for everyone. As an added bonus, you can bring your favorite snacks for a fraction of the cost that you would have spent at a regular theater! 

4. Picnic in the Park

Eating outside in the summer can be fun. It’s always nice to enjoy a beautiful day with good sandwiches and better company. Pack a picnic basket and head to the park. You can find a secluded place in an open space to sprawl out on a blanket and enjoy your food. You can go with your significant other and make it a date, or you can go with family and friends for some wholesome fun. 

5. Paint Outside

If you or other people in your home are artsy types, summer is a great time to get creative. Paint and other art supplies can get messy, so it’s a good idea to take the canvas outside. Plus, you may find inspiration outdoors that you wouldn’t experience inside. Cleanup will be a breeze, and your masterpiece will likely dry faster outside as well. If painting isn’t your thing, consider sidewalk chalk. 

6. Go Horseback Riding

Horses are majestic creatures, and it’s a magical sensation to feel the wind in your hair as you trot down a trail. Find a horseback riding location and go for a little ride. Just be sure to take appropriate precautions if other people are on the trail as well. 

7. Build a Birdhouse

Some people like to build things, and summer is a great time to get outdoors and start a project. One of the most popular things to do is to build a birdhouse. It can be as simple or as detailed as you like. If you aren’t interested in building a birdhouse, consider making something more complicated and practical, such as furniture. 

8. Grow a Garden

With all of the chaos surrounding us these days, we need to be as self-sufficient as possible. A great way to become self-sufficient is to grow your own fruit, vegetables, and herbs. It will help you feel more in touch with the earth, and you will also get some deliciously fresh food at the end of the season to use in your cooking. 

9. Read

Many people will be staying home more often this summer compared to others. This could be a perfect time to tackle a summer book list. Write down all of the books you’ve been wanting to read but haven’t had a chance to get to yet and get started! You can look for a book club or form your own with some friends to keep yourself motivated. Find a comfortable and peaceful place outside where no one will bother you and lose yourself in a book for a couple of hours. 

10. Spend Time with Family

Just because we need to be safe does not mean that we can’t spend time with each other, especially our immediate family. You probably shouldn’t have any large gatherings, but you can still enjoy a small barbecue with parents and siblings. If you do want to have a larger gathering, Zoom, Skype, and Houseparty are always options. You may not be able to do everything you want this summer, but if you can be around the people who matter most to you, that is definitely something to be thankful for in these times.


There is no doubt that summer 2020 is different – perhaps the most unconventional summer of our lives. However, that doesn’t mean it has to be dull. There are still plenty of things you can do outdoors to enjoy yourself, just remember to social distance!

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