A Local's Guide on Things to Do in La Jolla


A Local's Guide on Things to Do in La Jolla

Nestled in the beautiful city of San Diego, California, people from all over America consider La Jolla to be one of the most desirable communities in the country. The natural beauty of the environment sets the perfect stage to relax in, with plenty of picturesque beaches, rocky cliffs, and hidden coves just waiting to be discovered. There are spectacular entertainment options as well, such as iconic museums, delectable dining spots, trendy shops, and special events. Many families, professionals, and even celebrities call the neighborhood home, drawn in by its high quality of life and serene atmosphere. When deciding how to spend a day in the community, there’s no shortage of options to choose from.

On your next day out in La Jolla, add these top five activities to your itinerary to experience the community like a local.

Enjoy the pristine coastline

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With its natural beauty creating a stunning setting to unwind, enjoying the pristine coastline is without a doubt one of the best things to do in La Jolla. The community is full of excellent beaches, with La Jolla Shores Park being one of the most popular among residents and visitors alike. There are plenty of places to eat or grab a drink, events are regularly hosted there, and you can embark on ocean excursions from the shore, such as scuba diving, snorkeling, and paddle boarding.

Another outstanding option is La Jolla Cove, which is known for its rocky terrain. As a part of the marine conservation efforts throughout the region, this is a great spot to observe ocean life. You can also rent some snorkel gear and swim through the waters alongside different species.

Visit a fascinating museum

With loads of galleries and exhibitions throughout the area, visiting a museum in La Jolla is always a fun experience. Many consider the Museum of Contemporary Art one of the best in San Diego, showcasing phenomenal works by artists from the minimalist movement and pre-war era, as well as a sculpture garden to stroll through. For lovers of photography, the National Gallery of Fine Art is a must-visit. Full of collections of environmental photographs from around the world, it aims to inspire the next generation to protect our planet. There is also an array of painted murals throughout the neighborhood, which are always cool to see.

Along with the incredible arts scene, history lovers will find their place here well. The Map and Atlas Museum displays hundreds of maps from different periods in time, as well as charts made by pilots and brave individuals who journeyed through various lands. The La Jolla Historical Society is worth visiting as well, where you’ll be able to hear all about the area’s most famous residents and learn about the influences behind its magnificent architecture.

Learn about the environment

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As the home to so much wildlife, it’s no surprise that learning about the environment is one of the best things to do in La Jolla. The Birch Aquarium is a marvelous place to spend an afternoon, attracting guests from near and far. It’s attached to the local Institution of Oceanography and plays a key role in the state’s marine conservation efforts. Within its tanks, you’ll be able to spot over 5,000 fish, in addition to tropical species like seahorses and small sharks. They even have a touch tank where guests can feed sea turtles, adding a fun, immersive element to the experience.

For those who prefer to see environmental species up close and personal in a less formal setting, the La Jolla Tide Pools are another wonderful place to check out. These flat rock formations are full of tiny pools with marine creatures like mussels, minute crabs, and small fish. The best time to go is during low tide, and many people bring buckets along to catch and see the critters up close before releasing them back into the water.

Plan an outdoor adventure

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You’re in luck if you have an adventurous spirit, as La Jolla is a playground of excitement. A trip to Torrey Pines Gliderport will undoubtedly be memorable, where you’ll have the opportunity to glide through the air over the cliffs and coast with the help of a paragliding instructor. Those who love to surf can head to Windansea Beach, which many consider to be a mecca of sorts among the surfing community due to its reputation for huge waves with high-speed winds amplifying the ride.

Dine on delicious cuisine

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The culinary scene throughout La Jolla is fabulous, so be sure to dine on some delicious cuisine during a day out in the community. One of the hottest places in town among locals is Herringbone Restaurant, which serves mouth-watering oysters for those who love fresh seafood. When it’s time to unwind with a drink, LJ Crafted Wine is a top choice. Their wine tastings are a superb way to taste some of the regional varieties, and their scrumptious food pairings really bring the experience full circle.

No matter what your personal preferences entail, there’s a thrilling La Jolla activity for you. To experience the community like a local, be sure to explore the gorgeous coastline, visit the museums, learn about the environment, plan an outdoor adventure, and dine on amazing cuisine during your visit. Whether you’re in the community for a day, a week, or a decade, you’ll be sure to cherish your time in this top-notch destination.

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