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How to Maintain Healthy Eating Habits During COVID-19

Being stuck at home during COVID-19 is a great opportunity for you to try and improve your health and eating habits. When you can’t leave your home, it is far too easy to put on unwanted weight, especially if you are not paying attention. But don’t worry, here are some tips to help you keep up some healthy eating habits!

Set Some Goals

If you want to improve your eating habits, your first step should be to set out some goals. For example, do you want to lose weight or gain weight? Depending on the answer, you may need to adjust your calorie intake and what and when you eat to reach your goals. This way, you can provide yourself with a guide to refer back to as you move forward.

If you want to lose weight, then you should set a target to lose a certain amount within a set time period. This way, you have something specific to aim for and work towards as you improve your eating habits. This will also provide you with the motivation that you need to stick with it and reach your goals.

Plan Your Meals

It can be difficult to improve your eating habits if you don’t plan out your meals ahead of time and cook. Otherwise, you may find yourself ordering food online or visiting a fast food restaurant for the dangerous sake of convenience. If you plan your meals, then you can identify what you need to buy at the store and be better prepared to have all of the ingredients you need at your disposal for when you want to cook.

Cooking meals at home encourages you to eat healthy since it gives you control over the ingredients and portions. You can use the extra time at home during COVID-19 to plan out all of your meals and cook whatever you want to eat. It doesn’t hurt that it will save you a lot of money in the process!

Be Mindful at the Grocery Store

When you go to the grocery store, you should purchase everything that you need in order to make the meals you have planned to cook. Luckily, cooking yourself provides you with the opportunity to pick the healthiest options available to maintain your eating habits. For example, if you want to eat chicken, pick a leaner cut without any breading.

If something you want is out of stock, then keep your eyes open for alternatives. This gives you the ability to pick foods that will better suit your nutritional needs while still avoiding unhealthy options. You can also prepare even further by keeping backup ingredients in mind just in case you can’t purchase the ones that you want on that day.

Avoid Fast Food

Fast food exists because it is expedient and convenient. It enables you to eat without cooking, but it also tends to be unhealthy and will cost you more money in the long run. Accordingly, if you want to improve your eating habits during COVID-19, you need to avoid fast food restaurants and takeout.

Many people use mobile apps to order fast food, so you should delete those apps from your phone if you have them installed and they are too tempting. As a result, ordering fast food will take more time and effort, which will discourage you from getting it in the first place. 

Don’t Overeat

It’s extremely easy for people to eat too much food if they don’t pay attention to how they feel. It may sound obvious, but if your stomach becomes full, then you need to stop eating. Otherwise, consistent over-eating will quickly cause you to gain unnecessary weight. To avoid this, you should always be mindful of storing excess or leftover food in the fridge instead of eating it in one sitting.

In addition, you should consider slowing down your eating if you know that you tend to overeat. If you eat too quickly, your stomach will fill up at a faster pace than your mind realizes. Consequently, you may end up eating more food than you needed or even wanted, so you should always try to maintain a slow or moderate pace as you eat. 

Use Calorie Apps

Mobile applications are an excellent resource you can use to maintain and monitor your caloric intake. These calorie apps will ask you to input what you’ve eaten so it can keep track of the calories you have left to reach a healthy amount for the day. This way, you can better plan out what you will eat so that you don’t end up eating more than you should.

Calories tend to add up quickly without us realizing it, so tracking them on your phone will hold you accountable to yourself on your health. Additionally, it will encourage you to develop healthier eating habits since you will become more mindful of keeping your calorie count down. This way, you can figure out how often and how much of your favorite foods you can eat without wasting calories.

Stop Snacking

People tend to snack throughout the day, which can quickly put unnecessary calories into their bodies and cause them to gain weight. Besides the consequence of weight gain, eating too many calories isn’t healthy to begin with, so avoiding snacking throughout the day is important. This will go a long way towards better controlling your caloric intake.

Still, we understand that some people really enjoy snacking. If this describes you, then you should try to eat less during your meals so you can have more calories available for snacks. Consider getting into the habit of eating healthier snacks like vegetables, certain fruits, and unsalted nuts. Finally, if you tend to get hungry throughout the day, then you may find it helpful to transition from three meals a day to five small meals to spread out your calories.


If you are struggling with maintaining healthy eating habits during COVID-19, don’t worry, you’re not alone. Take initiative and use these tips to avoid gaining unnecessary weight and developing unhealthy habits. It will take some work on your part, especially in the beginning, but soon enough it will become second nature to you and go a long way towards leading a healthier life in a sustainable way. If you follow this guidance, you can get yourself to the weight that you want, eat well, and enjoy life to the fullest!

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