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What You Should Know Before Meeting With a Realtor®

If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that home should be a place of sanctuary and enjoyment. California residents have come to rely on the professional skills and client-first relationships provided by Jamie Lennon, Silicon Valley’s premier Realtor®. Jamie is here to help you achieve your property goals during these unprecedented times, using her honest approach to provide you with amazing results in a comfortable, approachable manner.

If now is the time to reach out to a local Realtor about buying or selling your home, be sure to do some prep work with a few of the items listed below. Ready to go over market reports or discuss your property goals? Get in touch with us now!


You’re looking for a qualified Realtor to help you find the perfect home, and we couldn’t be more excited! Many buyers turn to a professional real estate agent to help them navigate the process and streamline their success. Our experienced team can help you find and purchase your Silicon Valley home, combining our skills and positive relationships to help you achieve a premium outcome. 

Before calling, remember to discuss and organize a few key details for your home buying journey, including:

  • Budget — While money isn’t everything, it certainly helps when buying a house! Discuss your budget and come up with a clear number to move forward with. Remember, this is about finding a property you love at a price you can afford!
  • Timeframe — Based on your market, buying a new home could be as simple as putting in an offer and signing the papers, or it could take months of searching. Over this time, you will continue to refine your search with your Realtor. 
  • Property Goals — We all have features included in our perfect home, and while the hot tub may not be as important as a yard for the kids, it would still be nice. Compile a list of must-haves as well as a list of things you’d like to avoid to give your real estate agent a clear picture of what you want.
  • Relevant Questions — Your first meeting with your Realtor will likely involve a lot of discussion and some strategizing. If you have questions about the buying process, compile a list to receive answers in person (or digitally).
  • Financing — Before starting your property search, it is important to see where you stand financially. We recommend securing a pre-qualification letter from your finance officer to show sellers that you’re serious about buying and you have the loan amount approved.


The process of selling your home can also be exciting, but more often than not homeowners will experience an emotional process. Whether you have big plans on the horizon or you’re simply ready to upgrade, selling your home can prove to be a fast and hectic process. It’s helpful to team up with an experienced real estate agent for peace of mind!

From the first meeting with your Realtor to the final walkthrough, it is important to team up with a reliable professional to maximize the benefits of your sale. They know you have put a lot of love and money into this property, and they will make every effort to make the process as stress-free as possible. Before meeting your agent, take some time to determine your:

  • Price Goals — You may have a clear figure in line for how much you want to sell your Silicon Valley home for, or you may be ready to get a feel for the market. Have a price in mind and be ready to discuss your best options for making a sale.
  • Property Issues — Are there any potential issues which could impact the value or saleability of your property? Have this information ready to discuss solutions with your Realtor. 
  • Value Points — Beyond any concerns on the property, you can also compile a list of reasons why your home is worth the investment. This can help your agent generate an ideal listing and avoid any issues throughout the process.
  • Current Market — There will be some clear signs whether you’re in a seller’s or a buyer’s market, and it can help to know your playing field before making the jump.

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Real estate is not about buying or selling homes, it’s about people. Jamie Lennon strives to make quality connections through insightful support and personalized attention. If you’re ready to get started on buying your dream home, selling your current property, or both, turn to our Top Rated® Local Silicon Valley Realtor to get started.

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